Dear Madam/Sir,

On behalf of the EC, Utkala Samaja, Kalpakkam, I am glad to intimate you that the ‘UTKALA DIVASA-2015’ will be celebrated on 03.05.2015. In this regard we have decided to celebrate the function in a big way as we used to do. Therefore, I request the esteemed members to kindly cooperate and contribute to the function to make it realised.

It has been decided by the EC to collect the following amount from the members:

      1. Rs. 1000/- from SO/F and above

      2. Rs. 500/- (with family) and Rs. 300/- (without family) from SO/C to SO/E

     3. REST:  Rs. 250/- with family and Rs. 200/- without family.

     There will be an additional Rs. 125/- for the dinner arrangements per an individual adult (10 years and above)

Kindly handover the amount by 20th April 2014 to the respective coordinators.

I request the following coordinators for collecting the contributions:

Shri. Baboo Barik, BHAVINI - for (BHAVINI)

Shri. J. K. Sahu, Reactor Physics Section, MAPS - for (MAPS)

Shri. Debananda Pratihari, PRP - for (PRP)

Shri. Nandighosh Sahoo, WIP - for (WIP and BARC Facilities)

Dr. Satyabrata Mishra, RDL, IGCAR - for (RDL, RCL, ESL)

Dr. Satya Narayan Panigrahi, EnSD, IGCAR - for (EnSD, SED, IIS, RTSD, RSD, FBTR, WSCL, MDL)

Ms. Deepak Gupta (MSG, MDL, FRTG, Civil group)

Shri Bikram Kumar Panigrahi, KARP- for (KARP)

I request all of you to hand over your contribution to the respective coordinators before 20th April 2014.

Kindly make a wide circulation of this mail and forward to all near and dear Odia members whose names are not included in the mail list.

Best Regards,

S Panigrahi



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